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Local Targeted Marketing Stats
Local Targeted Marketing is the backbone to a loyal and sustainable customer base. Don’t take our word for it…
  • 88% of consumers making local searches from a mobile device take an action (calling a business, making a purchase, or visiting a store) within 24 hours (Google) 
  • 74% of shoppers indicate being more likely to respond to location-specific messaging. [SIM Partners] 
  • 80% of consumers prefer locally relevant advertising.

Local Advertising Stats
Local Solutions
Students, their families, the school and broader community will all benefit from the program you are supporting. If you are a local business owner your contribution to the school community will be welcomed and appreciated.
You may be a parent, ex-parent or an ex-student of the school. Sponsoring the school would be a wonderful way of continuing your support for the well-being of students.
As a business owner your benefits may include:
  • increased exposure and goodwill locally 
  • exclusivity in your school-community space 
  • recognition as a ‘privileged’ local sponsor with new local community connections - students, their parents, teachers 
  • alignment with a range of professional associations which have an interest in supporting student financial learning 
  • supporting principals to deepen and broaden the financial literacy conversation across school communities and better prepare students as they exit school into the real world.

Why Sponsor a School
Brand Loyalty Built Through Strong Relationships
Niche marketing makes it possible for businesses to build their brand loyalty. When you are engaging with fewer people, you can focus on the quality of those engagements and on nurturing your relationships.
And as you are building your products and services specifically around this customer’s needs, you are a true partner rather than a supplier.

The advantages and disadvantages of marketing to a niche audience
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